Mobile Payment Processing

Accept payments anywhere your business takes you

An increasing number of mobile businesses are finding it convenient to accept cards for their services. No more runs to the bank with deposits plus the fast cash turnaround on   card  payments means more time to do your business and less time managing it.

By accepting cards, you’ll make it more convenient for your target customers to choose to do business with you – and you’ll stay competitive in an increasingly mobile-enabled marketplace.

What Do We Mean By Mobile Businesses?

Any business that conducts its primary business with no office or away from the office is what we call a mobile business.

A few examples:

  • Tradespeople, such as roofers, handymen, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and heating/cooling technicians
  • Artists and artisans, crafters, and others who sell from booths at shows or markets
  • Food truck operators, caterers, party planners, and event photographers

If it would be convenient for you to accept credit cards while providing goods or services in the field, a mobile payment  solution from IRIS could be just what you need.

Let’s Get Started

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IRIS Quick-Notes

  • If you look at the websites of every card processing company out there, you still won’t emerge with a clear idea of the difference between   mobile   card processing and   wireless   card processing. Some companies use the terms interchangeably, while others talk about mobile   payment   processing as the ability to take mobile wallet payments.
  • Accepting payments made with mobile devices –  mobile wallet  payments – can be done whether you are a   brick-and-mortar business   or a mobile business. Wireless payment solutions and mobile payment solutions have become interchangeable terms, both meaning that you’re not depending on a hard-wired connection to take payments.

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